AIR NEWS is wholly Australian owned and operated, delivering independently produced radio news services specifically for Australian audiences.

Fabulous, great breakfast combo. Sounds pretty slick. Sounding pretty good. Solid Team who sound like they have worked professionally. You are on top of all news and sport, very current.

Peter Tolich
88.3 Southern FM, Mentone, Vic

The best thing we have ever done. The response has been great most people thanking us for not bringing another mac****** or 2** news. the news is concise and is presented well.

Gary Attrill
97.3FM Lake Macquarie

Very happy with Presentation, Format and Line up. Having the news service is one of the best things we have done.

Jon Raynor
Station Manager Katherine FM 8KTR

Our listener feedback has been amazing; saying they no longer have to switch to the commercial station to get an updated news service. Thanks to the Air News team.

"The Voice of Goulburn"
2GCR FM 103.3

I just wanted to congratulate you on the addition of Lesley Yeomans to the AIR NEWS team and the upgrade to the audio quality of the AIR NEWS bulletins. With the rest of presenters at AIR NEWS continuing to present very professional bulletins, I for one am very happy with the service provided by AIR NEWS.
Thank you.
Yours Sincerely.

Richard Campbell
Station Manager
98.5 theLight Albury/Wodonga

As a new station I needed to get off the ground with good programming catering for my older demographic. AIR News provides a good mix of local, national and international news, as well as comprehensive sports reports. The stories are not long-winded and drawn out but an ideal duration which delivers a credible product.

The cost of the service is quite reasonable and at a price any sales person should have no trouble selling to a sponsor or advertiser. Artie Stevens of AIR News did the software installation by remote access and it was up and on-air in a few minutes.

If your station doesn't have a news service or you're unhappy with news which promotes commercial stations or you too feel the credibility and inexperience of your current provider isn't up to scratch, just talk with Artie. If you need convincing go to the AIR News website and listen to the news streamed.

Peter Finch
My Local Radio Station Pty Ltd.

Airnews works for us because:
  • *listeners approve of it as equal to any other radio news
  • *nobody moans about it
  • *for us it is reliable in it its availability, professionality and its content
  • *it's cost is v low
  • *has slotted in with our automation systems without blemish for years and years and years
  • *a great training ground for trainees from anywhere in Oz

Roger Wood
Richmond Valley Radio

Air news works very well for us. We enjoy the diversity of the various news presenters and that the coverage is inclusive of events all the states. The balance of national and overseas information is also nicely judged. We have been pleased with the service and are lucky enough to have a great sponser that allows us tocontinue with the service. Our new methord of arranging our finances means that we will happily continue with the service in the foreseeable future.
Joan Warner
101.3 FM Port Hedland

Airnews is doing an awesome job….Tasmania State News is good too….I like having all the different voices…..and like the news flashes

Blitz Greig
Star FM

AIR News isn't just a radio news service, it's more like your very own top notch news department! The team are easily accessible and they've a finger on the pulse of current issues both abroad and at home. A valuable asset to any station.

Tim Songailo